Redford Center Honorees are finalists specifically saluted by the Selection Committee for their unique vision, narrative innovation and passionate commitment to their stories.

The seven Redford Center Honorees for 2016 are:

Animal Party – Directed by Christian Scheider & Tucker Marder

A bumbling office worker from the hermetic future slips on a speck of bird droppings and plummets to present day earth, where she encounters animals for the first time. To survive, she must learn the ways of human-animal rituals the world over.

For more information contact:  info@arboretum.com

Brooklyn/Alaska – Directed by Erica Sterne

Twelve teenage boys from Brooklyn's toughest neighborhoods embark on an adventure through the remote Alaskan wilderness and are forever transformed by the emotional and physical challenges overcome along the way.

For more information contact:  EricaSterne@BrooklynAlaskaFilm.com

California Unincorporated – Directed by David Brick & Noah Stout

Drought, climate change and systematic exclusion plague small, impoverished communities across California’s agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley. Communities are organizing through grassroots efforts to create power shift necessary for their survival.

For more information contact:  dave@brick-film.com

Dark Tide – Directed by Shalini Kantayya

“Dark Tide” follows the struggles of a single mom, a doctor, and a NAACP lawyer, as they unravel who is responsible for the worst man-made environmental catastrophe in U.S. history—the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

For more information contact:  shalini@7thempiremedia.com

Holy Water – Directed by David Regos

Water has no boundaries. The Jordan River is a sacred site to Jews, Muslims and Christians. Situated in the middle of an ongoing conflict between Israel, Jordan and Palestine, this once glorious river, a source of life in the region, is dying. Now, amidst the political turmoil, activists on all sides are coming together to save this precious resource.

For more information contact:  daveinfilm@hotmail.com

The Other 97 Percent -- Directed by Sandya S. Viswanathan

How can we save Earth’s biodiversity when we only know 3% of it? “The Other 97 Percent” is a journey into the hidden world of eccentric, obsessive scientists devoted to a 300-year old quest: to find and describe every living thing on Earth.

For more information contact:  sandya@foureyefilms.com

Pleistocene Park – Directed by Luke Griswold-Tergis

An eccentric Russian scientist plans to stave off a catastrophic global warming feedback loop caused by melting permafrost by recreating the vanished Ice Age “mammoth steppe” ecosystem -- complete with massive herds of wooly herbivores roaming the Arctic.

For more information contact:  smokinfishmovie@gmail.com