Do You Know More About The ‘Real Housewives’ Than The Environment?

Huffington Post
Public apathy is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome, and environmental docs walk a fine line. Read More

Redford Center offers grants, guidance for environmental movies

San Francisco Chronicle
The Redford Center has announced a program to work with fledgling filmmakers, offering financing and guidance to five teams who have ideas for films with environmental topics. The purpose is to stoke awareness and action, and also to create films that can connect with the masses, said Redford Center chairman Jamie Redford. Read More
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Raise The River’s $10 Million Win

Celebrating the Raise the River campaign's reaching the funding goal of $10 Million to restore the Colorado River and it's habitat. Jamie shares highlights of progress on the ground that has resulted from this win, and talks about where his love for the river began.

Constructs of Creativity

Shawati' Magazine
An interview with Jamie Redford that appeared in the Spring issue of Shawati' Magazine. Download PDF
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Tell a Damn Fine Story

Jamie's Blog

Poll of Polls

Jamie's Blog

Here’s to easy

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Spring in Bloom

Yes, there’s a drought – but what’s happening in the Colorado River Delta is encouraging… and you can be a part of it.
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We Can Do More

Jamie announces the launch of The Redford Center’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program. The program enables us to provide support services for kindred impact filmmakers who are looking to get their work funded, made and seen.

Marin Matters: James Redford

Marin Magazine
Fairfax filmmaker James Redford is back at this year’s Mill Valley film festival with ‘Paper Tigers’ – a look at an alternative teaching method that is having a lot of success. Read More

7 Questions with James Redford

Milwaukee Film Festival News
As James Redford’s film, Paper Tigers, is featured at the Milwaukee Film Festival (September 24 - October 8, 2015) James answers seven questions about his film and its influences. Read More
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10 Hopeful Things For Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Because we believe everyone deserves to be inspired here’s a short video featuring Bay Area solar leaders, Adam Browning and Emily Kirsch, sharing 10 reasons to be hopeful about our future.