Who We Are
Co-founded in 2005 by Robert Redford and his son James Redford, The Redford Center advances environmental solutions through the power of stories that move. 

Over the years, The Redford Center has produced three award-winning feature documentaries and over 35 short films, supported nearly 100 film and media projects with grants and other services, inspired over 500 student films, and dispersed nearly $10 million to our fiscally sponsored projects. Our films activate real change – we have engaged millions of viewers across all 50 states and 45 countries. Our impact campaigns have halted the construction of dirty coal plants, reconnected the Colorado River to the Sea of Cortez, and helped accelerate the clean energy revolution in America.

The Redford Center envisions an equitable world, where human and planetary health and justice are fundamental values driving action.

What We Do
At The Redford Center, we seek to greatly expand public participation, equity, and authentic representation in the environmental movement through content creation, artist support, and community engagement.  

  • Original Media Production  We create, commission, and partner to produce environmental film and media content. We design rapid response and long-term public engagement campaigns to maximize social impact and action around each and every story we share. 
  • Grants We provide grants and impact-focused storytelling support for independent media makers in order to propel awareness, education, and tangible action on a broad intersection of environmental topics. 
  • Redford Center Stories  We are a go-to resource for educators and youth interested in storytelling, media arts, and environmental justice. We offer a free, flexible, film-based curriculum and learning community for students, families, and educators in support of nurturing the next generation of environmental leaders. 
  • Field Building  We strengthen the independent film and environmental sectors through direct investments, collaborations, networking efforts, brand positioning, and providing resources and practical services, like fiscal sponsorships and screening series. 

Our Community
We believe that storytelling through film and the sharing of lived experiences is a key element needed to mobilize mass participation in the movement to create a world in equitable balance, where human and planetary health and justice are fundamental values driving action. In our growing network of more than 400 environmentally-engaged artists and movement organizations, we prioritize representation of Black, Indigenous, People of Color and LGBTQ+ people whose communities suffer disproportionately from historic and current environmental injustices and who are often leading and closest to the solutions. We are sharply focused on cultivating new audiences beyond mainstream environmental movements, through innovative programs, community building, and new paths for distribution.

Our Commitment
We commit to meeting the urgency of the global environmental crisis by:

  • Inspiring action and hope. We transform defeatist narratives around the environmental crisis by supporting and promoting stories of leadership, progress, solutions, possibility, joy, and innovation.  
  • Centering justice and equity. We participate in intersectional movements for environmental justice and directly address racism, injustice, and marginalization, and their impacts on communities, individuals, and the earth.
  • Cultivating a legacy of stewardship. To honor the Redford family ideals and the vision of our co-founders, we strive to create a new, collective legacy that inspires action, hope, justice, and accountability.
  • Fostering collaboration. We build community and share power to open new pathways for progress.