The Bering Gate

The Bering Gate

Directed by Gabrielle Tenenbaum, Co-Produced by Bob Reiss

There are places on Earth that are unknown in one century and vital the next—the Bering Strait is one such place. As an impassable sea of ice transforms into traversable waters, this film spotlights the narrow passageway between Russia and Alaska that's quickly becoming the chokepoint of the Arctic world. Can our two nations cooperate to develop, police, and protect the Great White North—or will the Strait become a geopolitical and environmental hotbed ripe for disaster?

Gabrielle Tenenbaum is an award-winning director and producer and one of The Documentary Group’s founding members. She has worked around the world on feature films, limited series and broadcast journalism including Invisible Killers, a three-part series about viruses (Discovery); the Peabody Award-winning To Iraq and Back (ABC); The Homefront, about military families (PBS); STEEP, a theatrical documentary about big mountain skiing; and Answering Children’s Questions, a town hall meeting for kids in the aftermath of 9/11, which won a duPont-Columbia Award. Prior to Doc Group’s founding, Tenenbaum was part of Peter Jennings’ producing team at ABC News.

Bob Reiss is a journalist and bestselling author of 23 books—both non-fiction and fiction—as well as a former Chicago Tribune reporter and correspondent for Outside magazine. His work has been widely published in The Washington Post Magazine, Smithsonian, Parade, and Newsweek, among others. In 2018, he received a New York Press Club Award for his coverage of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Fortune. Bob's books include The Eskimo and The Oil Man, about the opening Arctic and battle over offshore oil; The Coming Storm, about climate change; and The Road To Extrema, about the Amazon rainforest.


Thumbnail image courtesy of Gazprom.