Diving Deep

Diving Deep

COMPLETED in January of 2019.  Premiered on January 29, 2019 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Read more here 

Diving Deep tells the story of Mike deGruy, a relentlessly curious and enthusiastic underwater filmmaker who died suddenly in 2012. DeGruy filmed the oceans for more than three decades, becoming as famous for his on camera storytelling as for his glorious, intimate visions of the sea and the creatures who live in it. Inspired to share his legacy as a filmmaker and storyteller, and to spread his mission for protecting the ocean, his wife and filmmaking partner Mimi deGruy returned to the edit room to produce Diving Deep.

When she was finally able to watch footage after Mike died, Mimi deGruy found a piece she’d never seen, shot not long after the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill. She watched it again and again and knew she had to make a film. The footage depicted a different Mike because at that moment, he’d gone from an artist sharing the wonder of the deep to an enraged and impassioned warrior.  

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2/7/2019: Film review: 'Diving Deep: The Life and Times of Mike deGruy' (Hollywood Reporter)

...a beautifully filmed documentary with some amazing underwater footage (much of it shot by deGruy himself), and it also succeeds as a touching personal reminiscence and as an understated but effective environmental manifesto.

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