Giants Rising

Giants Rising

Filmmaker: Lisa Landers

The deeper you venture into a redwood forest, the more your imagination runs wild. Like silent giants, the towering trees usher your journey into a fairytale realm. The tallest living things on Earth, an encounter with a coast redwood can feel like reuniting with an ancient ancestor. Living links to the past, these trees may also hold keys to our future – including their ability to capture carbon, offer clues about human longevity and reconnect us to nature in our increasingly urban lives. That is, if redwoods have a future.

GIANTS RISING tells the tale of these iconic trees – delving into their mysterious inner-workings and exploring our evolving relationship to them:  first as a commodity as precious as gold, then as a dangerous battleground, and now, as national treasures that we’re racing to understand and protect. Today’s mission to save the redwoods is lead by activists wielding cutting-edge science and bold artistic visions.  Among them is a genetic detective who’s unraveling the secrets of redwood DNA; an impassioned ranger summoning new life from ravaged timberlands in Redwood National Park; and a modern-day Ansel Adams creating a 320-foot life-size photograph of a single redwood tree. Her goal is to display this unprecedented portrait in cities across America, sparking a sense of awe and empathy – and rekindling our connection to this ambassador from another time.   

Through endeavors like these, the film will conjure the magic of redwoods like never before, revealing the many ways these forests sustain life and underscoring all that’s at stake.

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