Love This Place Like Us

Love This Place Like Us

LOVE THIS PLACE LIKE US is a film about the complexity of conservation and what happens when people care deeply for a special place, but wholly disagree on how best to protect it. The film follows two groups of people who want to defend the future of California's Point Reyes National Seashore: the lifelong cattle ranchers who occupy a third of the park and were integral in protecting the area in the first place, and the bold activists fighting for the elk population that are blocked from water access by fences in the park – and dying en masse. Now the issue is coming to a bitter head: in 2020 the National Park Service introduced a plan to allow the expansion of ranching and the culling of the Tule elk. 

What happens when two groups desperately want to protect the place they love, but their ideals can't coexist? Activists believe that ranching operations are destroying the environment and should be removed, and the regenerative ranchers vehemently oppose closing the ranches their lives and livelihoods depend on.


Kirk: Award-winning director Kirk Muir Horton's passion for storytelling is inspired by people working to change the world they live in, however big or small. His work has taken him around the globe - from Chile to Rwanda - working on productions with the Planet Earth II crew, and filming everything from wild animals to professional athletes. His work has been featured on Apple TV, Outside, and REI, and at film festivals such as Telluride MountainFilm, Banff, and Wild & Scenic. He was born and raised in San Francisco, just a short drive from Point Reyes, and is the founder of Little Bear Creative, a documentary production company.

Anna: Producer Anna Callaghan brings creative visions to life and has told character-driven stories for almost a decade. She has produced films on behalf of clients like YETI, Outside, and REI. As the in-house producer at Talweg Creative she produced 30 films and commercials over 200+ shoot days in 10 states. As a freelancer she has worked for agencies like Inkwell, Roam, Stept Studios, Wzrd Media, and the Wilder Studio. Her documentary work has screened at Tribeca, Banff, and Telluride MountainFilm. In addition to her work in film, Anna is a contributing writer at Outside Magazine. 

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