Renewable Therapy for Climate Anxiety

Renewable Therapy for Climate Anxiety

Renewable Therapy is a digital mini-series about the state and future of clean energy that aims to turn climate anxiety into climate action. In each two-minute installment, Redford Center co-founder, James Redford, and clean energy investor, Matthew Nordan, spend two minutes unpacking the kind of question that nags us all when it comes to renewable energy for a warming world.

This Happening spin-off series was produced in support of Solar Education Week, the week leading up to Earth Day, when college students and community members around the country host solar education events in their community to spark a national conversation about solar energy, energy access, and a just transition to a clean energy economy.

Watch the full series on YouTube.


April 12, 2019: Filmmaker James Redford’s ‘Renewable Therapy’ Video Series Aims to Turn Climate Anxiety into Climate Action