Searching for Amani

Searching for Amani

What was it like when you were a kid?

What has changed since you were my age?

Why is our land special to you? 

When asked by the younger generation, these simple questions carry new weight and foster profound conversation about our changing planet. By 2050, more than 200 million people will be at risk of having to migrate due to climate change. For many whose lives and values are inextricably connected to the land they live off of, the impact of sea level rise, loss of sea ice, and desertification go far beyond a change in geography.

The Searching for Amani s a feature length documentary which interweaves the coming of age stories of three kids (ages 11 - 14) living on the frontlines of climate change (The Arctic, The South Pacific, and East Africa). Although separated by thousands of miles, all are at risk of loosing fundamental aspects of their traditional culture and being displaced from their ancestral homes within their generation. Each of these charismatic and curious kids live closely connected to their land and culture, and are about to embark on a rite of passage – from learning to hunt for the first time, to apprenticing under their community’s leader. These rites of passage and the teaching of traditions from one generation to the next open the door to a large yet intimate conversation about survival and the future of their people. Along this journey, the kids are empowered with the tools to tell their stories and explore their community’s past, present, and future through interviewing those closest to them. The process enables them to deepen their understanding of where they come from while revealing to all audiences what’s really at stake if lost.  

Director/ Producer: Nicole Gormley 

Executive Producers: David and Linda Cornfield 


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