The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule


The Golden Rule is America's first anti-nuclear protest boat and began its mission in 1958 when a crew of 4 sailed across the Pacific towards a nuclear test zone in the Marshall islands.

Today Veterans For Peace continues the mission: a nuclear-free world, and a peaceful, sustainable future through education and action.  The Golden Rule Project teaches about the environmental, health and cultural impacts of the entire nuclear chain from uranium mining to disposal of nuclear waste.  Join us in our commitment to a nuclear free planet as the Golden Rule sails around the US spreading its message once again. This film is a Mane Co and gnarlybay co-production.

Why it matters:

  • $1.7 Trillion is being spent over the next 30 years on development of new new nuclear weapons and delivery systems.
  • Wars and threats of war between nuclear-armed countries are increasing - even 100 modern nuclear weapons, if used, could produce enough soot in the atmosphere to black out enough of the sun to cause ten years of crop failure and two billion deaths worldwide.
  • There is no safe place for the 2000 metric tons of nuclear waste produced annually in the US alone. 
  • Hundreds of thousands of nuclear refugees are still coping with the long term effects of displacement and radiation exposure as a result of nuclear testing, mining and waste mismanagement worldwide.
  • As of 2014, there have been more than 100 serious nuclear accidents and incidents from the use of nuclear power.- 60% of all nuclear-related accidents have occurred in the USA.  Rising seas and still-operating aging power plants increase the chances of a catastrophe.


Nolan Anderson & Lindsey Hagen

Production contact:

Executive Producer: Lindsey Hagen


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