This Land

This Land

THIS LAND is a short film committed to changing the conservation conversation. Faith E. Briggs is running through segments of six National Monuments under threat by the current administration. In each place she will be joined by a runner and activist from a different community that is historically underrepresented in this conversation. Six conversations related to the true human history of our country - what it means to navigate space as people of color in the outdoors, where women fit into "classic" wilderness narratives, and highlighting the new faces working on the frontlines of our public lands - will unfold over the course of 240 miles run on foot through some of our nation's most beautiful and historic environments. 

The protection of public lands is more critical than ever. The current administration has reversed the designation of certain public lands protected as National Monuments. The status of our public lands is changing, but most of the public doesn’t even know. There are many barriers to entry to spending time in the outdoors, barriers related to culture, finances, geography, political education, socioeconomic background, but there shouldn’t be so many barriers to this conversation. This has to change, the public needs to be involved. 

We are changing the conversation through running. Running connects human powered movement to the land, allowing people to put themselves in these places that are at risk.

Directed and produced by an all-female film team of self-described nerdy adventurers, THIS LAND, is a new story, and a much needed one, in the fight for public lands protections.

Directors: Whitney Hassett, Chelsea Jolly

Producers: Faith E. Briggs, Addie Thompson

Advisors: Julie Goldman, Benj Drummond

Runtime: 11 minutes