Vagrant Viking

Vagrant Viking

Arctic explorer….Environmental activist...Hollywood screenwriter…and a threat to Hitler himself during WWII.


Peter Freuchen may have looked upon himself as a vagrant, but the world will once again know him for what he really was: an indomitable Viking, who spoke his mind and fought for the betterment of humanity. Like the Arctic Eskimo tradition, he believed that Earth and its beautiful creatures were not something we could own, but rather something that demanded respect and care. The Inuit people never took root until they died.. .

"When he is taken to his grave, to his final resting place, he settles down at last. During his lifetime he has no place of his own, no home where he truly belongs.” Freuchen begins his memoir Vagrant Viking, describing the worsening conditions of the Arctic caused by Western military expansion. He describes how industrialization has not only affected the Inuit, but animal life and the Arctic ecosystem. This series will tell the tale of Freuchen as the great adventurer, the humanist, and the man who fought for the survival of our planet. He was the most interesting man...

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