How It's Moved

How It's Moved

Since Watershed’s release in 2012, it has been screened over 500 times in a dozen countries, featured in 53 international film festivals, won numerous awards, and broadcast on PIVOT TV. Watershed provided the inspiration for launching the Raise the River campaign and continues to play a significant role in engaging support to restore the Colorado River’s Delta.
Raise the River is a unique partnership of U.S. and Mexican nongovernmental organizations committed to reviving the Colorado River Delta. The Redford Center is joined by the Sonoran Institute, Pronatura Noroeste, Restauremos el Colorado, A.C, the Nature Conservancy, and National Audubon Society as partners in the Raise the River coalition. 

The delta is the most broken reach of the Colorado. By restoring the delta, we are demonstrating that no place is beyond hope.

In 2016, ahead of schedule, we hit our first campaign milestone—to raise $10 million USD by 2017— enabling the restoration of more than 680 acres of riparian and wetland habitat, the planting of over 110,000 trees in the region, and the acquisition of essential water rights to support these efforts. Scientific monitoring has validated the return of native bird and wildlife populations—while the social benefits of employment, education, and community engagement with the returning river are immeasurable.

Ongoing funds are needed to continue to conduct this essential restoration work in the region. Visit Raise the River and join us in this historic effort.


Celebrating the Raise the River campaign's reaching the funding goal of $10 Million to restore the Colorado River and it's habitat.
In addition to reviving the Delta, our other campaign objective: invite everyone to join us in rewriting history. Many, many people answered the call, including Will Ferrell who pitches his own proposal for reconnecting the river in this comedic short.