Youth V Gov

Youth V Gov

Directed by Christi Cooper

Premiered at DOCNYC film festival on November 11th, 2020

Photo credit: Robin Loznak

YOUTH v GOV is the story of America’s youth taking on the world’s most powerful government. Since 2015, twenty-one plaintiffs, ages 11 to 22, have been suing the U.S. government over their constitutional rights to a safe climate system. Their case shines a light on over 50 years of direct government action, including knowing about the extreme dangers of climate change to future generations, locking us into a fossil fuel-based national energy system, and prioritizing corporate profit over its citizens. They are armed with a wealth of evidence from experts, whistleblowers, and their own testimonies of climate impacts. YOUTH v GOV follows these plaintiffs’ personal journeys as they demand a recovery plan designed to stabilize the climate system by 2100 and the government takes extraordinary measures to get the case dismissed. 

Legal experts call this case the “most important lawsuit on the planet," but it's more than just a legal battle. This is a revolution designed to hold those in power accountable for the past and responsible for a sustainable future. And many of the movement’s leaders aren’t even old enough to vote. (Yet.)

The Academy and Emmy award-winning film team behind YOUTH v GOV has decades of experience in bringing social and environmental justice stories to the screen. With a focus on tangible impact, they aim to not only amplify the voices of these youth plaintiffs in their fight for a just and livable world, but also to help engage youth around the country in registering to vote, holding their local officials accountable, and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

Executive Producers: Linda A. and David J. Cornfield

Producer/Director: Christi Cooper
Producer: Olivia Ahnemann
Producer: Dennis Aig
Co-Producer: Liz Smith
Vulcan Productions Inc.
The Redford Center
The NY Community Trust
The Solidaire Network
The Jacob Burns Film Center
The Lampert Byrd Foundation