Redford Center Grants

Redford Center Grants

The World Needs Your Story

Redford Center Grants supports environmental filmmakers and frontline stories that drive solutions for people and the planet, providing the hope necessary for audiences to feel ready to engage in addressing our environmental crises. Since launching our grants program in 2016, The Redford Center has remained one of the few entities exclusively funding intersectional environmental documentary film projects and providing multi-faceted support to filmmakers throughout the filmmaking process.

As a story-centered organization, we use narrative strategies to reflect the full complexity of environmental impacts and solutions to inspire compassion, hope, and action. Our powerful strategic insights – gained from years of producing and investing in films for environmental impact – inform our unique grantmaking approach. To date, we’ve distributed over $1 million in grant funding and direct project support to 36 films through the program. 

"When we received The Redford Center grant, we were thrilled! However, we had no idea of all the amazing benefits to being part of a Grantee Cohort. We have been consistently blown away by the workshops, resources, emails, opportunities to network – as well as invitations for additional funding. We are excited and honored to be a part of this wonderful family of filmmakers." - Katja Esson, Director/Producer, Razing Liberty Square, 2020-21 Grantee

2022 Open Call: March 24 - May 30, 2022

In the program’s fourth funding cycle, we’ll welcome 12 new projects to our grants community. New and ongoing non-fiction feature films or docu-series at any stage of development, production, or postproduction are eligible to apply. APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Grants Information Session
On April 7, 2022, The Redford Center program staff hosted an informational session about our grant funding for nonfiction environmental feature films and series. We shared the requirements of our application, offered tips on preparing your proposal, discussed what makes an application competitive, how projects are assessed, and outlined what projects are eligible to apply. Click here to view the session recording. 

We Believe:

  • A future that prioritizes the health of all people and the planet intersects with every social justice issue. 
  • Storytellers and story subjects most impacted by inequities, extraction, and exploitation must drive climate and environmental narratives.
  • The scale and urgency of the climate crisis calls for a dramatic increase in the number, diversity, and meaningful inclusion of people engaged in environmental action.
  • Where facts alone fall short, a story can move hearts, minds, and societies toward a more equitable and regenerative future.
  • Solutions-forward stories with actionable impact goals have the most potential to mobilize public engagement and activate cultural change, which in turn, drives policy change.
  • Having a connection with nature helps us care for nature.
  • Funding is just one ingredient for bringing a film project to life.

Meet our 2020-21 Grantee Cohort

Our 2020-21 cohort of 22 impact-driven film projects reflects the complexity of environmental challenges and solutions at the intersections of food, water, land, and justice. Click here to view our 2021-22 grantee cohort book.