Our Impact

Our Impact

Community is the cornerstone of everything we do. It's how we find and share stories. It's what guides us toward meaningful, high-impact partnerships. It's what keeps us hopeful that humanity can and will work together to protect our planet. Below you can read more about this work, and we hope it inspires you to take part in every way you can.

2022 Redford Center Grants Impact Report

Redford Center Grants Impact Report

Since 2016, we've supported environmental filmmakers and frontline stories that drive solutions for people and the planet through our Redford Center Grants program. Read more and view case studies of supported films in our Impact Report.  

2021 Year in Review

2021 Year In Review

2021 will go down as an unforgettable year for The Redford Center. It was a time of reflection and growth with an increased focus on our care for our community, programs, and collaborations at an unprecedented moment in time. Read more in our 2021 Year in Review. 

2021 Redford Center Stories Overview & Impact Report

The Redford Center is a go-to resource for young people interested in storytelling, media arts, and the environment. Our Redford Center Stories program features an inclusive learning community designed for students, educators, and organizations to actively engage in the environmental justice movement. Now entering its third year, after a two-year pilot, Redford Center Stories celebrates transformational storytelling, creative education, community wellbeing, and global justice. We bring educators and students into dialogue with youth activists, filmmakers, and environmental and social justice leaders, nurturing the next generation of environmental advocates and storytellers. Read more in our Redford Center Stories Overview & Impact Report. 

2020 Year in Review

The Redford Center began 2020 with the strong realization that the next ten years are critical in creating meaningful, sustainable change in how we all respond to environmental and climate crises.  It was time to evolve our vision and increase our impact by activating and expanding our community of artists and advocates to engage in the urgent movement for environmental justice and regeneration. Read More About How We Met the Moment in 2020

Redford Center Stories

Redford Center Stories is a learning and storytelling initiative that provides educators and students with dynamic and integrative tools and opportunities to energize young people’s innate sense for nature as home and as teacher.  At the Redford Center we invite young environmentalists to elevate their vision and voices for a just, inclusive, hopeful, and healthy world, and join a journey of learning that puts them in the director’s seat to discover and articulate their own wisdom as authors of humanity’s collective narrative. With a new focus on environmental justice, this initiative features integrative standards-based curriculum, live/recorded speaker series and storytelling workshops, online support, and opportunities to learn, problem-solve and be inspired in community. Read More About the Growth of Stories

2019 Redford Center Grants Impact Report

Modern environmental movements are embracing storytelling as a critical element for mobilizing constituents, building political power and achieving progress. Through Redford Center Grants, filmmakers learn The Redford Center’s distinctive, solutions-forward story approach, and we connect movements with creative partners and stories that can catalyze environmental action. Read more.

2019 'Happening' Film Impact Report

In October 2017, Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution premiered at San Francisco’s Dolby Theater. Two months later, HBO released the film in households across the U.S. and eventually 33 more countries. The film’s release marked the launch of a long-term campaign to educate and engage the public in creating demand for clean energy technologies as some of the world’s most promising and economically beneficial solutions for a low-carbon future. Read more.

2018 Year in Review

Cover to the review

It’s no secret that we face unprecedented environmental challenges. Despite record levels of awareness and growing public outcry, American officials have struggled to find a path forward. Given all this, people often ask how we at The Redford Center remain so optimistic. The answer is simple… Read more.

2018 Raise the River Vision Brochure

The Colorado River Delta is a global environmental resource and internationally recognized river delta and wetland. In addition to sustaining a rich diversity of wildlife, it has been home to indigenous peoples whose livelihood and culture depend on a healthy ecosystem. Although today the river runs dry before reaching its natural end in the Gulf of California, there is hope. Raise the River is partnering with the Mexican and United States governments, universities, and local communities to protect and restore habitat and revive this vital resource. Read more.