Our Impact

Our Impact


2018 Year in Review

It’s no secret that we face unprecedented environmental challenges. Despite record levels of awareness and growing public outcry, American officials have struggled to find a path forward. Given all this, people often ask how we at The Redford Center remain so optimistic. The answer is simple… Read more.

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As we mapped our work in 2019, we couldn’t help considering how lucky we are to have the opportunities you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the coming months. For now though, we invite you to read through highlights of our shared successes from our most accomplished year yet — a year that was only possible because we’re surrounded by people like you who refuse to give up on this planet.

Among last year's highlights are: growing momentum in our impact campaign work for our HBO documentary, Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution; inspiring new films joining our Grants and Fiscal Sponsorship programs; continued, meaningful progress in restoring the Colorado River Delta, led by Raise the River coalition members; and a hat tip to the team and community behind it all.

Our hard work last year paved the way for another big year in 2019, which is why we need your support more than ever. After reading these highlights, please consider making a donation to help The Redford Center make the most of the opportunities ahead.