Request for Proposals: Impact Producer, The Nature Project

Request for Proposals: Impact Producer, The Nature Project


Timeline: September 1, 2020  – February 1, 2021

Contract Fee: $20,000

Reports to: The Executive Director

The Redford Center seeks an Impact Producer to project manage the pilot phase of content creation for “The Nature Project,” which will serve as storytelling support for an emergent movement. “The Nature Project” is a multifaceted media project that puts sound, imagery, story and science behind a phenomenon deeply felt around the world: that humans and nature are inseparable and that connecting with the outdoors has a profoundly positive effect on human health. Humans evolved symbiotically with nature; we are predisposed to connect with and be our healthiest selves when engaging with the outdoors. Recent studies have shown that spending time in the outdoors can lower stress and cortisol levels, can help diabetics manage blood sugar, can aid the recovery of psychological trauma, can balance mood and even increase the capacity for empathy, among other meaningful benefits. 

However, spending time outdoors is increasingly challenging. Not only are humans now on-track to become an “indoor species” - a trajectory we’ve been on after centuries of destroying the land, air and oceans – but also histories of racism, forced labor, enslavement, displacement and discrimination have structured contemporary unequal access to green spaces for BIPOC communities, be they National Forests, beaches, gardens, urban parks or the land their ancestors called home. This systemic exclusion from access to nature has become a “health equity” issue: it has had disproportionately negative impacts on the health and wellbeing of low income and BIPOC communities and has perpetuated structural racism in America. Now, in the COVID-19 era, both the benefits of time outdoors and the inequities that structure access are all the more acutely felt.  

Presently, we’re experiencing a sea change in America when it comes to understanding the health benefits of time spent outdoors as well as the racialized dimensions of health inequity. Innovative research is culminating into an emerging movement, which “The Nature Project’s” storytelling will fuel and support. More so than ever before, organizations, institutions and inspiring individuals are “prescribing nature” as an evidence-based health remedy; and they are working to shift this environmental injustice by building community around the outdoors. These efforts are positively impacting health and wellbeing, restoring a positive connection to nature, and further, are a sustaining source of community empowerment and invigorate the quest for justice. 

The pilot phase of “The Nature Project” will first invite the public to start conversations around this theme through crowdsourced short films that illustrate the experience of being outdoors while we have been quarantining through COVID-19 as a society living largely indoors. This media project will be housed on a forthcoming website and serve as a companion to a feature-length documentary film and/or series, which additionally will anchor an impact and engagement campaign.

The Impact Producer will oversee this pilot phase of content creation and website build. They will work with a collection of filmmakers to produce model short films; they will then spearhead a public call for crowd-sourced films and film content, coordinate the intake process, organize and curate the films and support post-production. They will build out a website to house the film content and other project information, will strategize and see new partner relationships, collaborators, distribution channels as well as other modes of community engagement. They will submit pilot phase evaluation report and draft a plan for a second phase. 

We are looking for candidates with a demonstrated commitment to advancing environmental, economic and racial justice and to promoting greater equity in the environmental movement and the cultural sector.


  • Lead the design, implementation and evaluation of a phase one trial to create crowdsourced content for The Nature Project
  • Help identify and engage a group of filmmakers who will safely produce “model” videos to inspire the types of films we hope our public call will source
  • Design and launch a wide, diverse public call for crowdsourced short films and content about peoples’ experiences accessing the outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Organize the intake of crowdsourced films
  • Work with a web designer to build a website to curate the films and frame the pilot project phase
  • Strategize partners and collaborators, distribution channels and modes of community engagement
  • Manage the overall pilot phase to ensure smooth execution of the program within the set timeline
  • Manage execution of deliverables and utilize other team members and consultants when appropriate 
  • Liaise with The Redford Center team members including project partners, PR and Communications firms, providing all relevant materials including, but not limited to, program announcements, supporting press coverage and interviews, content for social media posts, newsletter modules, impact report and metrics. 
  • Create and manage process for capturing outcomes and metrics from pilot program to include in final phase one program report
  • Hold program debrief session with The Redford Center team, summarize input and integrate into report
  • We estimate this to entail between 15 to 20 hours work per week, dependant on experience level


  • 2+ years’ experience as an Impact Producer for documentary and/or media-based action campaigns
  • Proven experience working in project management and/or leadership in orchestrating campaigns
  • Experience and working knowledge of documentary film production and postproduction
  • Superior time management, communication and analytical skills
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office and website development/management
  • Background and/or interest in environmental, economic and racial justice issues 
  • Ideal candidate will have lived experience with challenged access to green spaces

To Submit a Proposal Please Provide:

  • A brief cover letter 
  • Resume/CV with relevant project management experience in the media + impact space
  • Sample of campaign developed, if applicable
  • Three references
  • Brief proposed scope of work

​Budget for Contractor is ~$20,000 for a 5-month engagement starting on or around September 1, 2020. Total program budget will be determined by the need to engage additional consultants based on contractor experience. Proposals are due by Monday, August 24, 2020 by 5pm PST- please submit to Jen Fish at

About the Redford Center: 

Co-founded in 2005 by Robert Redford and his son James, The Redford Center draws on the family’s deep expertise in filmmaking and activism to produce, fund, and fiscally sponsor impact driven media projects that showcase stories of individuals taking action to protect and restore the planet for current and future generations. Our films and campaigns are designed to spark honest dialogue that engages new audiences in addressing frontline environmental issues while lifting up the stories and storytellers living on the frontlines. We are a small, nimble, mission-driven group that greatly values operational efficiency, creative resourcefulness and fulfilled team members.

Our objective is to meet the urgency of the climate crisis with an urgent cultural response that involves deep collaborations with artists, activists, issue experts, educators, scientists, media distributors, policymakers, business leaders and philanthropists. We believe that supporting those most negatively impacted by inequitable policies, structures and distribution of resources must be a central part of a narrative and cultural strategy that drives long-lasting shifts toward environmental justice and repair. We celebrate diversity and equal opportunity as an organizational priority and we are building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, cultures, skills and experiences—knowing that the more inclusive we are, the more successful we will be.