Los últimos días de James Redford, el documentalista e hijo de Robert que siempre encontraba el lado positivo de las causas sociales

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*The article can be translated to English via your Google Chrome browser El cineasta y activista medioambiental James Redford y yo estamos sentados a unos dos metros de distancia y llevamos mascarillas quirúrgicas, el accesorio de moda en la época del COVID-19. James, a quien todos llaman Jamie, luce una camiseta de los Grateful Dead, con una calavera y unas rosas, bajo una cazadora vaquera, unos desgastados y desvaídos pantalones también vaqueros y unas botas de ante de caña baja. READ MORE HERE (IN SPANISH)


The Redford Center Names Dylan Redford, Vice Studios Exec Jannat Gargi as Board of Directors Co-Chairs

The Wrap
Robert Redford’s The Redford Center has elected both Dylan Redford and Jannat Gargi as co-chairs to its Board of Directors, the environmental nonprofit organization announced Thursday. Dylan Redford is the son of the late James Redford, the co-founder of the organization who died at 58 last month. He joins Gargi, a co-chair since 2019 and vice president and head of documentaries for Vice Studios. READ MORE HERE


Redford Center Launches Environment-Themed Films to Encourage Voting

The Hollywood Reporter
The film and media center's #PowerTheVote campaign is directed especially at people who care about the environment but don't tend to vote. For the first time in its 15-year history, the environment-focused Redford Center — the nonprofit film and media center co-founded by Robert Redford and his son, the late James Redford — has rolled out a series of voting-themed films meant to spark turnout among Americans who care about planet earth. READ MORE HERE


James Redford — filmmaker, activist and son of Robert Redford — dies at 58

Salt Lake Tribune
James Redford, who followed his father Robert Redford’s path as a filmmaker, environmental activist and philanthropist while also raising awareness about organ donation, has died. James Redford, also known as Jamie, died Friday at his home in Marin County, Calif., his wife, Kyle Redford, confirmed in a Twitter post. He was 58. READ MORE HERE

Jamie Redford (1962-2020) Carved Out A Loving Legacy Of Affirmation And Activism

The Hollywood Times
ames Redford left this world way too young after struggling for decades with a rare illness that destroyed his liver. Known as Jamie to his family and friends, he carved out a resonant legacy of affirmation and goodwill. READ MORE HERE


Redford Center Funding a Record 22 Feature-Length Environmental Documentaries

The Hollywood Reporter
The nonprofit, co-founded by Robert and James Redford, has announced grants to nearly two dozen films, tripling its support compared to 2018. The Redford Center, the nonprofit environmental media organization co-founded in 2005 by Robert Redford and his son James Redford, is going big on funding environmental documentaries this year. READ MORE HERE

James Redford on Redford Center, Effective Storytelling

James Redford, Co-Founder and Chairman, The Redford Center; Jill Tidman, Executive Director, The Redford Center and Director, Writer and Producer Laura Nix speak with Bloomberg Head of Podcasts Francesca Levy about the importance of effective storytelling in the fight against climate change. (Source: Bloomber READ MORE HERE


James Redford Uses Storytelling for Climate Justice and to Inspire the Next Generation

We discussed sustainability, advocacy, and philanthropy with filmmaker and kind human James Redford. He shares the inspiration behind his films and the objectives of the nonprofit Redford Center, which he founded with his father in 2005. We’re excited about his dedication to make a difference in the world by promoting kindness and supporting others! READ MORE HERE

Filling ‘The Hope Gap’ – Sharing Stories of Resilience, Progress, and Success with Jill Tidman

Life is a gift, and Jill Tidman has dedicated hers to making a difference. She believed that every person can create positive change in their own way. Her dedication to environmentalism is unwavering and with her role as the Executive Director at the Redford Center, she has turned her passion into action by amplifying the unsung heroes that are paving the way for environmental conservation and change. READ MORE HERE

Trump's coronavirus failures offer warnings and lessons about future climate change challenges

NBC News
By Robert Redford and James Redford: There is no denying that we are living through one of the greatest societal challenges in recent memory. It's impossible to list all of the difficult choices and changes — the loss, the sacrifice, the uncertainty, the fear — forced upon us by COVID-19. As everyone continues to adjust to a changed world, we have been sharing a few questions. What has the scourge of COVID-19 revealed to us? Will any of these hard-won lessons help us as we turn to face the potential calamity of climate change that looms on the horizon? READ MORE HERE