Power The Vote: Why We Vote

Power The Vote: Why We Vote

W​e believe storytellers and culture-makers are the visionary leaders needed to build the movement towards a future rooted in environmental justice, p​rotection and repair.​ In fall 2020, we faced an unprecedented public health crisis being exacerbated by environmental and climate impacts — and with demands for fundamental change on the rise, we met the moment the moment to connect the issues we face to the importance of civic engagement. This is the moment to leverage the power of filmmaking to show why we vote, in order to #PowerTheVote.


The Redford Center, in collaboration with League of Conservation Voters Education FundPacific Islanders in Communications (PIC)Working FilmsFar Star Action Fund, and Culture Surge, supported 10 impactful filmmakers in creating 1:30-4:00 minute short films in a collective call for civic engagement. Each film covers at least one or more of six inspirational storytelling threads pulled from Culture Surge’s recently launched Storyteller’s Guide to Changing the World:

1. “Together, we have power”: Stories of personal & collective power
2. “There is abundance”: Stories that show there's more than enough for everyone
3. “We lead by caring about each other”: Stories of people collaboratively leading the way to make change, that show people caring about each other and their communities 
4. “We deserve joy”: Stories of joy and self-care 
5. “We all belong”: Stories of our common mission, that show we all belong and have value
6. “Curiosity is the path to our best future”: Stories of curiosity about each other and society, stories of people asking bold questions about the future they want to build

The calls to action of each film include:

Vote early, vote safely
- Organize your pod to vote
Make your vote plan

These films serve as an invitation for viewers to become civically active and help shift perceptions on what it means to be an environmentalist and what it means to be a voter. Watch the films here, and help us #PowerTheVote by sharing with your networks.