Renewable Therapy for Climate Anxiety

Renewable Therapy is a digital mini-series about the state and future of clean energy that aims to turn climate anxiety into climate action. In each two-minute installment, Redford Center co-founder, James Redford, and clean energy investor, Matthew Nordan, spend two minutes unpacking the kind of question that nags us all when it comes to renewable energy for a warming world.

This Happening spin-off series was produced in support of Solar Education Week, the week leading up to Earth Day, when college students and community members around the country host solar education events in their community to spark a national conversation about solar energy, energy access, and a just transition to a clean energy economy.

Watch the full series on YouTube.


April 12, 2019: Filmmaker James Redford’s ‘Renewable Therapy’ Video Series Aims to Turn Climate Anxiety into Climate Action


Filmmaker James Redford’s ‘Renewable Therapy’ Video Series Aims to Turn Climate Anxiety into Climate Action

“The media bombards us with evidence of a changing climate, but we don’t hear much about what we can do about it,” said Redford. “Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize that clean energy now has the capacity to deter the worst of climate change. That seemed like a story worth telling.” READ THE PRESS RELEASE AND WATCH EPISODE ONE

Filmmaker Jamie Redford, son of Robert, on his way to PEI Fest

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Being Robert Redford's son might make a career in filmmaking seem the natural choice, but documentary maker Jamie Redford says it can sometimes sting. "Being a Redford might get you a meeting but it in no way gets you greenlit," the younger Redford told CBC News ahead of his upcoming visit to Prince Edward Island. Read More

American director Jamie Redford coming to P.E.I.

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Jamie Redford is planning to visit Prince Edward Island next month, but he’s not taking a vacation. The 55-year-old son of actor Robert Redford will be attending the inaugural Prince Edward Island Film, Food & Idea Festival (P.E.I. Fest) running July 13-16 in Charlottetown with one purpose in mind. Read More

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PEI Fest, Happening "Work-in-Progress" Screening

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Earth x Film Festival: James Redford & Jill Tidman on 'HAPPENING'

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How childhood stress can knock 20 years off your life.

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PALM SPRINGS, CA - Jamie Redford, son of Robert Redford, will be honored at next week's American Documentary Film Festival for a trio of films he's directed examining social and environmental issues, all of which will be screened at the festival. Read More

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Connecting The Human Experience Through Documentaries

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Documentaries are the TED talks of movies, or as Joel Douglas states, “The most honest form of film making.” Documentaries provide a raw, real look inside a story. Film makers of documentaries earn trust from audiences little by little as they tell the stories of everyday real life. Stories of humans that are shaped by experiences that have shaped their lives. Attending the largest documentary film festival in the country, The American Documentary Film Festival, AmDocs 2017, Jamie Redford stated, “this was an incredibly, true learning experience… and that is what documentaries are all about.” The filmmaker and environmental activist Jamie Redford received the Seeing the Bigger Picture Award, the highest honor given by the Festival (AmDocs) in Palm Springs. Read More