Delivered with humor, insight and a natural warmth, Jamie Redford’s perspective on sustainability was a big hit with our audience of clean energy leaders.

  • Bonnie Benhayon, Environmental Business Development Executive, Bank of America, Global Environmental Group; (Bloomberg New Energy Finance Global Summit 2015)

We had a wonderful experience working with Jamie Redford and his entire team. They were extremely responsive, thoughtful, and involved in the creative process from start to finish. Jamie is a truly engaging speaker. our audience loved his casual honesty, humor and wit. The crowd clapped and cheered every few minutes in support of his arguments about the transition to a clean energy economy. He was able to reach a cross sector of energy industry leaders as well as people new to the topic. He is excellent at bridging the gap and creating an inclusive conversation everyone can enjoy and participate in.

  • Morgan Catalina, Executive Producer, SXSW Eco 2015

I was most grateful for the effort that Jamie took to make a personal connection with each and every one of the young filmmakers, during GoPro’s recent Sundance summit on the creative process of filmmaking. Jamie shared perspectives on filmmaking techniques and his storytelling wisdom and artistic approach, and over-delivered on asking us the hard questions and challenging us to push our character development and stories in new directions. I speak for everyone in attendance when I say that we were lucky and honored to work with someone as accomplished, well respected and engaging as Jamie.

  • Wilson Tidman, VP of Creative + Strategy, GoPro Entertainment

Jamie Redford passionately brought his unique perspective on the environmental and climate movement to the AREDAY Summit. Jamie skillfully addressed reality, the build up of man-made green house gases in the atmosphere and the global human reaction.

  • Chip Comins, Chairman & CEO, American Renewable Energy Institute; Founder, AREDAY Summit

Jamie Redford’s participation in the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital has been a real highlight of our festival over the last several years. During the 2015 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital, Jamie Redford was a real audience draw to two our our signature programs — one focused on his approach to impact filmmaking, and one that was a scenes-in-progress presentation of in-development film, Happening. Jamie’s passion, expertise, and commitment to the issues he documents rings through in his speaking.

  • Stephanie Flack, (Former) Executive Director, Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital

James Redford makes films that speak strongly to both our hearts and our heads. His work helps us see the world in new ways and lights a path toward positive change in our schools and communities.

  • Mary Lou Fulton, Senior Program Manager, Healthy California; Center for Healthy Communities presentation at the CA Endowment

What a night. Jamie was perfect as our Keynote speaker. He was right on with his points and phrasing and his delivery was natural and funny, but with a deeper tone of real intent that was felt by everyone. The NatureBridge team was thrilled and the audience thought he was wonderful. His contribution to the evening as Keynote speaker was instrumental toward the success of the Gala as whole, which did exceptionally well, exceeding all of our goals!

  • Ivy Archer Winters, Board Member & Gala Chair, NatureBridge 2015

It has been a great privilege working with Jamie Redford for many years at the Mill Valley Film Festival, and PAPER TIGERS is another terrific example of how he approaches timely, important topics with creativity and insight.

  • Sterling Hedgpeth, Programming Manager, Mill Valley Film Festival

We had a standing room, sold out audience. James was an excellent panelist and the HAPPENING. program was a happening! Comments and feedback from the audience and guest services were that the program was one of the best programs we have had at the Commonwealth Club.

  • Ann Clark, PhD, Chair, Environment and Natural Resources Forum, The Commonwealth Club of California