When any of us are oppressed, none of us are free.

When any of us are oppressed, none of us are free.

As an organization dedicated to environmental justice, protection and repair, we are taking this moment to listen deeply, and to speak with our environmentalist community to ensure that the ultimate aim of the environmental movement is that all people have access to a safe and healthy life.

We condemn the centuries of terrorism in this country that continues to be inflicted upon Black people.

The degradation and oppression in this country is a direct result of colonialist white supremacy, and we recognize and acknowledge that a part of our work as a white-led organization is to identify our blind spots and the ways that this terrorizing legacy continues to prohibit progress towards justice.

We are committed to supporting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) led organizations and individuals in all of our work. Our effort includes continually challenging our own relationship to and understanding of anti-blackness and extractive and unjust capitalist and institutional systems.

We invite you to support the following individuals and organizations who are on the ground providing direct housing, legal aid, food and other supplies to frontline communities in this crucial moment:


In community,

The Redford Center Team