Learn the Secrets to Making a Charming First-Person Doc with 'Happening' Filmmaker James Redford

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James Redford pursued a story about climate change and clean energy in America, and discovered the best (and worst) ways to lead a first-person doc. READ MORE HERE

Much-Needed Hope for Planet Earth in ‘Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution’

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The new documentary Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution, which premieres tonight on HBO (8:00 p.m. ET), brings good news for anyone who’s been crushed by the recent stream of headlines on climate change. Director Jamie Redford takes us on a journey to discover the green energy revolution that’s taking place in towns, cities and states across the country while underscoring issues of human resilience and social justice. READ MORE

HAPPENING Review: We Found The Next Great Environmental Documentary

by Emma Loewe Equal parts educational and entertaining, Happening, premiering on HBO tomorrow, is the next great environmental documentary. Told from the perspective of filmmaker James Redford, it approaches the renewable energy revolution in a way that is easy to understand, inspiring, and humorous all at once. READ MORE

Why This Documentarian Is Hopeful About the Environment

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HBO's "Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution" is one of the few documentaries that's actually hopeful about the environment. Filmmaker James Redford joins us to discuss what went into making his latest project. The movie is Redford's "personal journey" into discovering the jobs and profits that clean energy is creating around the country. Watch Interview Here

James Redford’s energy documentary is illuminating

By Cindy Adams James Redford’s “Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution” is a documentary. It’s subtitled “Following One Man’s Journey To Discover the Leading Edge of Energy Solutions.” It’s on HBO on Monday. Writer, producer, director, chair of an environmental center, New York- educated, Utah-conditioned, he’s traveled America pioneering clean energy. He knows Al Gore, stems from “environmental parents,” and his father’s another guy named Redford, of whom you may have heard. READ MORE HERE

Through the Lens: Happening

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Interview with Doug Fabrizio There’s a lot of talk about renewable energy these days. But what’s really happening? Will renewables ever replace fossil fuels? In a new documentary, filmmaker James Redford travels the country to find out just how far renewable energy can take us Listen to Interview Here

Future of clean energy moves ahead in Trump era

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President Trump reduced the size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante, two national monuments in Utah, on Monday. Director James Redford discusses his new doc on clean energy and Trump's impact on the environment. Watch Interview Here

“Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution” gives us hope for the future
The environment has been a topic of interest (and concern) since I was a child back in the 1960’s. From Woodsy the Owl’s campaign, “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute” to Smokey the Bear’s “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires” there was some spark within me that pushed me to appreciate, learn, and care about nature. But now, in today’s global meltdown, literally, the environmental issues are staring us in the face. READ MORE

December 14: Through the Lens | Happening
Join us December 14th at 7pm at Rose Wagner Theatre (38 W Broadway, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101) for a FREE Through The Lens film screening of HAPPENING: A Clean Energy Revolution READ MORE HERE

Interview with Jill Tidman with KPLR Channel 11

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TV interview with HAPPENING Producer, Jill Tidman. Watch interview