In the holiday season, always a reason to complain

San Francisco Chronicle
[...] Meanwhile, the Redford Center, whose goal is to support the environment by supporting “galvanizing” storytelling, threw its first gala on Thursday, Dec. 6. The event included actor Robert Redford’s bestowing of a Robert Redford Award to rapper/singer/actor Jaden Smith, who was already so committed to the environment that at 14, he founded a sustainable sourced water bottling and packaging company. The center’s board chairman, Jamie Redford, also enriched the evening by revealing, onstage, that he’d broken his father’s Oscar when he knocked it over during a pillow fight with his sister. Spies at the event said that Papa Redford was much amused — at least during this shindig — by this admission. READ ARTICLE

Jaden Smith honored at inaugural Redford Awards

Associated Press
For decades, actor and activist Robert Redford worked on protecting the environment. Now his non-profit organization is honoring a new generation of environmentalists to inspire activism in the future. Recording artist, actor and activist Jaden Smith is the first honoree. WATCH VIDEO

Redford Center Grants Program unveils 2018 doc grantees

Non-profit organization The Redford Center has unveiled the 2018 cohort of feature-length documentary films that will receive US$20,000 in development funding. The Redford Center Grants Program, with support from The New York Community Trust, will award seven film projects currently in development that focus on environmental issues relevant to the U.S. marketplace. The seven recipients – 70% of whom are female filmmakers – were whittled down from a list of more than 130 applicants. READ ARTICLE

What unites America around clean energy

Washington Post op-ed by James Redford and Adam Browning
"Reflecting on the many different people and places of America’s clean energy success story, two things are clear. First, that our love of homegrown renewable energy is one thing that unites this divided country. And second, despite headwinds from Washington, states can and will power our country with clean energy." READ ARTICLE

BZN Film Festival takes serious look at energy issues

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
If pretentious, glitzy film festivals of the past left a bad taste in the mouths of Bozeman audiences, the new BZN Film Festival should reassure film lovers that this is the real deal, an event worth their time and attention. It opened at the Emerson’s Crawford Theater Thursday night with director Jamie Redford’s documentary about his cross-country trip to find out if solar, wind and other renewable energy resources might ever replace fossil fuels. Redford found lots of evidence that yes, it’s already happening, which led to his 2016 film, “Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution.” READ ARTICLE

Radio Interview: James & Robert Redford fuel clean energy movement

Radio New Zealand
The US often gets a bad rap for its apparent addiction to fossil fuels, but behind the scenes much is happening in the renewable energy space. James Redford (Robert Redford's son) is the director of Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution which explores the opportunities around renewable energy in America, and discovers a few fascinating success stories. It recently won "Best Environmental Film" at the 2018 New York WILD Film Festival. James and his father Robert founded the Redford Center in 2005 to use documentaries and campaigns to help tip the scales on critical environmental and social issues. Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution is screening at this year's Architecture + Design Film Festival. The festival began on May 3rd in Auckland. Then follows through to Wellington on May 24 - June 10, Dunedin June 14 - 24, and Christchurch in June 28 - July 11. Listen to full radio interview with James Redford here Radio New Zealand

James Redford, Filmmaking For A Higher Purpose

Montana Pioneer
Storytelling runs in James Redford’s blood. The documentary filmmaker grew up watching some of the best American movies come together thanks to his father, Robert Redford. Through his dad’s involvement in various film projects, James, who goes by Jamie, learned how stories are told, and what motivated his father to select the projects he did. READ MORE HERE

FilmTech, The Environment, & The Redford Center

Not everyone has the same motivations for wanting to protect and restore the planet. So The Redford Center is always looking for solutions — and to the people who are driving them — for inspiration and hope. On May 1, 2018, the second cycle of The Redford Center grants program opened, with the goal to fund impactful filmmaking and celebrate and support diversity in environmental filmmaking. READ MORE HERE

Redford Center launches second cycle of grants for filmmakers

Non-profit organization The Redford Center is launching its second cycle of grants for indie filmmaking teams creating feature films about the environment. Projects must focus on driving awareness, education or action on a number of environmental topics in the U.S. Redford Center Grants will be accepting submissions from May 1-June 1, 2018 at New to the program is a a carbon neutrality standard for each of the projects, which will see grantee filmmakers partnering with Cool Effect on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on their films. READ MORE HERE

Film screening shares projects going on now to promote clean energy in the U.S.

The Daily Campus
By Alex Houdeshall Life The first of six documentary showings, “Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution” was screened Monday night in the Student Union Theater as part of the ongoing environmental metanoia. Directed by James Redford, the documentary explores the uses of clean energy and how they influence communities, particularly focusing on projects that are in the works right now. The documentary follows Redford as he travels around the country, exploring the various kinds of renewable energy: solar, solar thermal, wind, hydropower and micro hydropower. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE